"They worked to make it fit our budget and timeframe."

Our Customers

With more than 20 years of experience comes close knit customer relationships. Our customers range from small studios to large national companies in a variety of industries.



Autodesk Customer Reviews
  • CineSys offers excellent support and services. They are quite knowledgeable with a strong desire to help. Sales team works swiftly and gives out good advice about what works best. We use them for all our Autodesk products such as Flame, Maya and 3DS Max.

    Steve M.
     Excellent

  • CineSys has been our valued partner for many years. We rely on their expertise for software management and tech support on all our Autodesk products. CineSys is very knowledgeable on all aspects of our industry. They're our go to source for information, support and guidance on a range of products we use in our facility. I highly recommend them for all your hardware and software needs.

    I. R.
     Excellent

  • Strong service provider whom is very knowledgeable with the inner workings of the software, the hardware and the intricacies of the Media and Entertainment sector. They have a strong understanding of their customer needs and requirements, and work well to access resources within Autodesk to make sure systems and software deployments go smoothly. A valuable partner in providing solutions, and delivering excellence to their customers.

    Neil D.
     Excellent

  • CineSys has always been my go to for so many different services. They help with all my Autodesk purchases and support. They've helped me with hardware storage and network support. I'd highly recommend CineSys for any of your hardware and software needs.

    Cory L.
     Excellent

  • We use CineSys for most of our Autodesk software and licensing needs, specifically Maya and 3ds Max. They have always been quite helpful and timely in getting us quotes and serials. Additionally, we purchased a third Flame system earlier this year from CineSys, who helped us through the initial quotes, customizing quotes based on needs, helping strategize best methods for integration into our current systems, and finally, deployment and configuration of the Flame via remote access. They are always willing to provide advice and support when needed, and we would highly recommend them for your Autodesk needs.

    Robert G.
      Good

  • Michael Eager over at CineSys in Dallas has been an invaluable resource for helping us with all our Autodesk products. He is super knowledgeable on all Autodesk licensing and packaging and very much understands how we use the software.

    Don C.
     Excellent


Customer Story

See how CineSys-Oceana customer The Vanity magically made art into film using Autodesk Flame on the Lenovo P910 for high-resolution, real-time performance.



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