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Autodesk releases Maya 2019

Autodesk® Maya® 2019 software is focused on providing artists with a working environment that is faster, visually beautiful, and more creatively engaging.

Cached Playback is a background process that helps increase the speed of animation playback directly in the viewport, so animators can evaluate their animations more easily and produce less Playblasts. Arnold updates in Viewport 2.0 make the viewport preview much closer to the final Arnold render, giving artists a beautiful working environment. And, performance improvements in Maya make it faster and more responsive in ways that most artists will notice in their day-to-day work.

Solutions in Maya 2019

Cached Playback
Cached Playback in Maya 2019 can change the way animators work, helping them be faster.
  • Cached Playback is a new background process that intelligently caches scene changes as animators work, helping to speed up animation playback in the viewport.
  • Animators can use the Viewport itself to evaluate their animations, which helps reduce the need to produce as many Playblasts.
  • Cached Playback lets you preview animations in a 3D environment and make changes as you go, which is better than traditional geometry caches and 2D previews.
  • Users can adjust settings in a simple menu system to optimize performance for their hardware.
2019 Maya - Beautiful Working Environment - Arnold Updates

A Beautiful Working Environment
Arnold updates in Viewport 2.0 in Maya 2019 give artists a beautiful working environment by making the Viewport 2.0 render closer to the final Arnold render. This makes it easier to see the results of your changes.
  • The Arnold Standard Surface Shader has been updated to show better representation of the final rendered content, so you have a better idea of what the final results will be if rendering with Arnold.
  • Illuminations and lighting reflections are now shown in real-time in Viewport 2.0 so artists can assess lighting conditions and make changes quickly.
A Faster Maya
Maya 2019 includes numerous performance improvements that most artists working with Maya will notice in their day-to-day work, and can cumulatively help improve productivity at the studio level.
  • Faster loading of scenes that have metadata
  • Faster loading and interaction for scenes with hidden objects
  • Faster material and texture load time
  • Faster selection in Viewport 2.0
  • Faster pre-select highlighting on dense meshes
  • Faster snapping in Viewport 2.0
2019 Maya - Faster Maya

Other Improvements
Maya 2019 receives improvements and addition in other key areas.
  • New filters make it easier to refine and animate motion capture data.
  • Rigging improvements make the work of riggers and character TDs easier.
  • Pipeline integration is made easier through several development environment updates.
  • Sample rigged and animated characters make it easier for novice animators to get started.

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