Flame 2017 Release

The 2017 releases for the Flame Family of products are now available for download by current Autodesk® Subscribers & Maintenance Plan customers who have purchased a license of Autodesk Flame® Premium, Autodesk Flame, Autodesk Lustre®, Autodesk Flare™, or Autodesk Flame Assist software.

The Autodesk Flame Family 2017 release offers artists creative tools and workflows that connect their tools better, plus an intuitive and ergonomically refined process, to allow maximum artist productivity. The Flame Family 2017 software releases build upon the continuing evolution and improvements for the Flame Family of Products.

New Features
  • Matchbox camera FX for Action, a new scene-based digital FX processing toolset in Flame and Flare powered by Autodesk Stingray game engine algorithms, allowing artists to enhance the final look of a composite in an action scene without slowing interactivity.
  • Connected color workflow introduces a new level of integration between VFX and proven color grading. This new workflow brings color grading information from Autodesk Lustre directly into Flame's node-based compositing environment and maintains a live connection so that composites can be rendered and seen in context in Lustre. This collaborative workflow allows artists to rapidly finish high-end projects by moving seamlessly between compositing, VFX and look development tools.
  • Color management enhancements to Flame, Flare and Flame Assist allow users to quickly standardize the way a source's colorspace is identified and processed.
  • User-requested improvements include desktop reels, conform/timeline, batch, media panel and UI.
The Flame Family 2017 products (Linux) also add support for the recently announced NVIDIA®Quadro® M6000 24GB model graphics card in HP Z840 configurations. This offers double the on-board texture RAM compared to the standard M6000 (12GB) which will allow Flame artists to load more high resolution source images and 3D model textures. Performance and capacity increases will be most noticeable with complex Batch composites utilizing multiple high resolution images and heavy image processing, also when working with very high resolution source images such as 5K and 6K RED camera raw files.

End of Support for Red Hat OS
The Flame Family v2017 will be the last to support Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®. Going forward the Autodesk Flame Family will support CentOS as the recommended Linux® OS.

The Flame Family v2018 will not run on 1st generation systems HP 8600 & z800. Customers who own this hardware and wish to run Flame Family v2018 will have to purchase new hardware. Customers who own HP z800 (2nd gen), HP z820 & HP z840 and wish to run Flame Family v2018 will need to install CentOS (which is free) and request a new license to be issued by Autodesk.

Autodesk plans to support CentOS for v2017 from June 2016 and will support customers with valid Subscription & Maintenance Plans running the Red Hat OS until the next major release.

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