Powerful Shared Storage for Smaller Post Facilities

How much time do you spend copying media between various sources, waiting for clips to render, or dealing with drive failures?

Avid ISIS | 1000 is the perfect entry-level system for a smaller post-production facility with tight deadlines and ever-increasing amounts of media in various formats. It is the only shared storage system that provides a highly protected, real-time collaborative editorial workflow at an affordable price. You can have up to 24 Windows or Mac workstations accessing files simultaneously over easy Ethernet connections.

The system is easy to set-up and manage. On the management console you can dynamically increase and decrease workspaces on the fly, manage rights permissions, create groups and up to 5,000 individual user accounts. The ISIS | 1000 has been designed as an open and collaborative environment where you can use both Avid and third-party editing and asset management tools. Editors can share Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro libraries on the system and use any mix of Media Composer, Pro Tools, DaVinci Resolve and other creative tools.

As your business grows, your storage grows with it. With the ISIS | 1000, you can easily quadruple your storage capacity and bandwidth. The storage capacity can be increased from 20 TB to 80 TB and as you add more storage engines, the performance increases. Say you need more throughput power to support high resolution projects. You can now quadruple your bandwidth from 300 MB/s to 1,200 MB/s by employing up to four engines. With support for SD, HD, 2K and 4K media performance, this is ideal for the modern production workflow.

Data protection is always a priority when it comes to storing media files. With it’s high-quality hardware and dual-disk protection, the ISIS | 1000 safeguards your media in the event that one or two drives go down, enabling you to keep working in real-time, while the drive automatically rebuilds. As its self-balancing, distributed architecture and metadata management handles the tasks automatically, you get predictable performance under all load conditions. Letting you deliver your projects on time and on budget.


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