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ToolsOnAir streamlines professional broadcast production with powerful applications using Mac OS X, Linux and off-the-shelf hardware components. Supporting multiple formats and eliminating time-intensive file conversion, the ToolsOnAir Broadcast Suite seamlessly ingests, integrates and plays out divergent video, audio and graphics elements from an intuitive client GUI. ToolsOnAir products support and are supported by leading broadcast technology partners, such as Adobe, AJA, Apple, Archiware, Avid, BMD and Cantemo.

Designed to meet the fast-paced, time-critical demands of live TV broadcast, just:live streamlines the playout of your on-air videos and real-time graphics in any live situation while maintaining full control over the attributes of movies and graphics files. just:live’s architecture enables the playout control of single, or even multiple channels, using one interface. Furthermore, the multi-operator approach empowers multiple users to control a single station concurrently.

just:lives’s powerful user interface provides an unlimited, frame accurate preview of all video items with the option to set new in- and out-points and the ability to split clips for commercial insertion. just:live also allows to overlay the pass-through live signal with movies (with alpha channel) and real-time graphics without the need for an external video switcher by using the real-time input from AJA video devices. For a traditional broadcast workflow, just:live delivers key and fill functionality (depending on the video hardware) to overlay graphics using an external switcher.

An Apple based, 24/7 automated broadcast playout server, just:play plays SD/HD movies, integrates live feeds, router and GPI events as well as real-time graphics including corner logos, lower thirds and tickers that update manually or are automated from RSS feeds, XML data sources and remote databases. just:play supports major broadcast file formats and codecs like QuickTime and MXF, H.264, MPEG-4, IMX, ProRes, DVCPROHD, XDCAM, HDV and uncompressed video.

just:play’s robust core engine – just:out – is designed to handle continuous 24/7 playout without interruption. Schedules can be planned and executed weeks in advance, enabling completely unattended remote operation. Based on Apple’s proven and robust OS X, just:play is an entirely native Apple Xcode development, compatible with the current Mac Pro, iMac and Mac mini models. Designed for tapeless workflows, just:play fully integrates into standard MAM and storage solutions.

just:in multi
An innovative Apple Macintosh-based ingest solution that offers crash, loop, batch and scheduled recording. A comprehensive ingest solution for single / multi-camera or VTR setups, just:in multi is designed to seamlessly integrate into the production workflow of any TV station or post-production facility. It allows recording of multiple video sources directly into the professional mainstream QuickTime, AVFoundation QuickTime, MXF OP1a, Avid OP-Atom MXF and MP4 containers.

just:in multi is designed to deliver 24/7 deployment in professional broadcast environments. Featuring fallback destinations for out-of-storage or network connection loss scenarios and an especially developed safe-write logic in the event of a power outage, just:in multi ensures that you will still have your recordings available for later use, as long as the power outage had not affected any hardware components or caused any serious file system corruptions. In the case of an out-of-storage scenario just:in multi tries to keep its frame accuracy even while switching to another volume, which makes it quite unique.

With its innovative user interface and powerful feature set, composition:builder enables small and mid-sized TV stations to easily create and implement professional real-time graphic templates for news, weather, stock, sports and other broadcast events. These templates can then be used within just:play and just:live.

composition:builder is designed to interface with Apple´s Quartz Composer technology, enabling fast and easy integration with graphics and animation created in other preferred applications including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion. It is compatible with any current Apple Mac Pro and selected iMac and Mac mini models.

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