Media Technology Solutions and Integration


Exclusive partners for development of the all new CineFlame i7 system.

Whether in film or television, CineSys provides digital artists with technologies that redefine content creation. The CineFlame i7 Workstation, powered by an Intel® Core i7® processor is engineered to optimize the way hardware and software components work together, delivering impressive computational power that helps maximize your productivity and makes creating digital content faster and more efficient.

  • Blazing fast Intel i7 4.3Ghz 10 core (20 thread) 
  • 128 Gigs RAM
  • Dual Power Supply
  • Dual 10GbE onboard Ethernet controllers
  • RAID-1/mirrored OS drives
  • Internal RAID 5 SSD configurable from 16-32T raw storage.  Capable of 4Gb/sec throughput
  • Supported with Dual NVIDIA M6000 or the newest P6000 graphics cards
  • AJA Kona 4
  • 3U rackmount form factor
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